Emap picks Davies as surprise choice for FHM editorship

The managing director of Emap Elan's men's titles, David Davies, is

the surprise choice to succeed Anthony Noguera as editor of FHM.

The appointment ends speculation that former Q editor Andy Pemberton or

ex-Kingsize editor Ben Marshall would replace Noguera, who stepped down

to launch a new men's title for Emap.

Davies' managing director role will now be divided between Emap Elan's

chief executive, Barry McIlhenny, and Chris Llewellyn, the head of Emap


The move is a return to the editor's office for Davies, who was in

charge of Mixmag when Emap acquired the title in 1997. Davies moved on

to edit Q and later helped plan Heat's transition to a celebrity weekly

while editorial director of the title. He became managing director of

Emap Elan East in March 2000.

"David has an outstanding track record at Emap and a clear vision to

take FHM forward," Paul Keenan, Emap Consumer Media's chief executive,