Embrace the new respect agenda

In an era of relentless digital disruption, it is all too easy to lose sight of the fundamentals.

In many ways our fast-paced, action-reaction, digital ecosystem inadvertently promotes, and sometimes even demands, rudeness. However, marketing leaders must beware of overlooking the importance not just of commanding respect, but creating a culture of respect within their organisations.

According to a study of nearly 20,000 employees worldwide, conducted by Harvard Business Review and Tony Schwartz, respect is more important to employees than recognition and appreciation, communicating an inspiring vision, providing useful feedback, even opportunities for learning, growth and development.

Those who said that their leaders treated them with respect reported 56% better health and well-being; 1.72 times more trust and safety; 89% greater enjoyment in and satisfaction with their jobs; 92% greater focus and prioritisation; and 1.26 times more meaning and significance. In addition, they were 55% more engaged and 1.1 times more likely to stay with their organisations than those who did not.