EMEA Brand Experience Agency of the Year 2020: Imagination

The agency increased its collaboration globally as it translated live experiences to virtual ones.

EMEA Brand Experience Agency of the Year 2020: Imagination

Gold: Imagination 

Imagination took the bull by the horns and tackled the challenges of 2020 head-on with a refocusing around “consulting”, “destinations”, “content” and “live”. With its headquarters in London, the independent powerhouse increased its collaboration with its other global offices to transform live experiences into virtual digital journeys. 

It drew on its in-house technology, offering to develop connected experiences across existing and emerging digital platforms, and used a measurement framework to drive high performance and maximise return on investment. 

Output across the year included Ford Horizon, a bespoke digital platform for Ford of Europe using cutting-edge technology, with interactive features such as virtual vehicle reveals. It also created a hybrid/physical event for the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 device, for which a bespoke keynote was filmed, followed by a live product demo and a Q&A session, all of which were delivered virtually.