EMEA Media 2008: Insight across the region

Campaign provides a guide to the key EMEA media markets: the finances, the entrepreneurs, the trends and the lifestyles.

Welcome to Campaign's EMEA Media report. In the following pages, we look at the latest advertising statistics across the EMEA region and bring them to life, adding insight and local colour. We take both the short and long view of where this diverse region is heading.

The report is informed throughout by data and insight from GroupM, together with an introduction to the EMEA media marketplace in 2008 from GroupM's futures director, Adam Smith. Three other industry experts have written for us on the biggest event on the European agenda, as companies look ahead to the London Olympics in 2012.

We have chosen 17 EMEA countries and dedicated a page to each one. Written by journalists with a knowledge of the local media markets, together with insight from local media agencies and owners, these pages take a look at the events and trends of the past year, and look toward the end of the decade. The latest adspend figures show changes across the past seven years, and we provide forecasts ahead to 2009, together with key media facts in each market.

For each country, we also showcase compelling "buzz" media ideas to have come out of that market in the past year. These are a mix of award-winners and most-talked-about campaigns from innovative media and creative agencies. Many are pioneers in using media space where no advertiser has been before; others are thought-provoking and attention-grabbing ways of executing traditional media campaigns.

And for each of the 17 territories, we provide some all-important bite-sized bits of trivia for the visiting media executive, such as the hot topics of the moment, the reigning media gurus and the must-be-seen-in places to book for dinner. Not forgetting our top tip about what not to say in small talk.

Unsurprisingly, one of the over-arching themes for the EMEA media markets in 2008 is the effect of the global economic slowdown. But a slowdown in the economy is not going to halt the progress of digital media. Internet adspend growth may have peaked a couple of years ago, but it is still powering forwards, and digital technology is changing the shape of traditional media.

Beyond the two themes of economic slowdown and digital boom, it's not possible to make generalisations across EMEA. The region includes some incredibly varied markets with very different stories. Internet aside, overall growth in adspend in Western Europe is pretty much flat. It's Central and Eastern Europe that's showing growth, as well as the Middle East and Africa. Again, the emerging economies of C&EE have a very different tale to tell than the markets in the Middle East or Africa.

How growth in EMEA will look in 2009 is unpredictable. The significant size of the media market in Russia makes it a lynchpin, but it is difficult to know how this unstable market will look in a few months' time. There are shadows looming over the digital carnival. And no-one knows where the global economy is heading. A media executive's best bet is to start equipping him or herself with the information and insight in the next pages.