Emerging talent awards: The Winners

The winners of Campaign's emerging talent awards, in association with Yahoo, are some of the world's most exceptional young talents - still under 30 but already shaping the future of creativity.

Emerging talent awards: The Winners

Campaign is proud to announce, in association with Yahoo!, that they are all winners of the Emerging Talent Awards - a new initiative designed to give recognition to some of the most convention-defying, novelty-seeking young creatives from across the globe.

Our judges used as their hunting ground our Cannes book, the Emerging Talent Portfolio, selecting the brightest stars across five categories from a stellar line-up.

Each winner will now receive £500 and the chance to show off their skills on the biggest creative canvas on the web - the Yahoo! "mail log-in" page.

The additional overall Emerging Talent Prize goes to Amanda Clelland and Tim Gordon, winners of The Eighth Wonder category, who will be flown from New York to London for Internet Week Europe 2011, presented by Yahoo!.

Here is a snapshot of all the winners' work, taken from the Portfolio, and why those who nominated these remarkable talents believe them to be so.


THE CAMPAIGN EMERGING TALENT PRIZE - in association with Yahoo!

for the overall winner


for extraordinary talent on a global scale

Winners: Amanda Clelland and Tim Gordon creative team, New York

"Copywriter Tim Gordon, 29, and art director Amanda Clelland, 26, are a creative director's dream: driven, funny, conceptual, responsible and ambitious. They are responsible for some of Droga5's most exciting work over the past year, including our "Puma Social" campaign, which created a new category within sportswear, celebrating the concept of the "After-Hours Athlete". Starting with a TV spot, a range of products, a network of social clubs, and print and online, it included a new social platform called Life Scoreboard. They were also behind Windmade - a logo and system that allows people to see and affect how much wind energy goes into producing things. Launched at Davos this year, it became the first consumer brand endorsed by the United Nations, and won the largest global sustainability prize in Abu Dhabi ($1.5 million). Finally, they produced one of last year's funniest and most controversial virals -Method's "Shiny Suds" video. It started a movement within the Senate to label toxins on cleaning products. All that talent and respectful too - they're a joy to be around."

By Ted Royer, executive creative director, Droga5


"As an industry, we survive on new talent keeping us on our toes. Their work is full of good ideas, executed on relevant platforms, that are a breath of fresh air. And after looking at Tim's portfolio on cargo and reading some of http://peoplewhodeserveit.com/ (that's been published in real printed form, no less), I begin to be excited that our communications industry may be full of intelligent, responsible, outspoken people ... let the future commence."

Simon Sankarayya, president, D&AD

"To be called an 'advertising creative' sounds hopelessly limiting - brands are seeking ideas that work well beyond paid-for media. What's so great about Tim Gordon and Amanda Clelland is the breadth of work they've already accomplished. From traditional big-budget advertising through brand development, building social networks and creating the first consumer brand to be endorsed by the United Nations, they defy the usual industry labels. And, to me, that makes them exactly the sort of creatives that will define the future of our industry."

Claire Beale, editor, Campaign

"All the winners selected are a true representation of what creativity stands for today. They have shown they have what it takes to propel the advertising industry to new heights. A special congratulations goes to Amanda Clelland and Tim Gordon for claiming the overall Emerging Talent Award. As a team they have illustrated how embracing a multi-platform strategy can successfully bring boundless creativity to life on a global scale."

James Tipple, vice-president, marketing, Yahoo! EMEA




for maverick talent that pushes the boundaries

Winners: Ida Backman and Janna Norberg creative team, Gothenburg

Janna Norberg and Ida Backman graduated from Berghs School of Communications two years ago, and took their Ikea work to Cannes this year. Using a series of events that invited young designers to showcase their work using Ikea wardrobes and Facebook to compete for premium real estate on Ikea's site, they turned a campaign for Ikea closets into an Ikea fashion story. Sounds crazy when you write it, makes complete sense when you experience it. The team's creative success is a testament to Forsman & Bodenfors, the Gothenburg agency that has remained at the top of the international ad industry for more than 20 years. It's also about Berghs, which for the past four years has churned out amazing talent like Janna and Ida. Before you call Janna and Ida to make them an offer to move to London or New York, ask yourself this: Do you want to hire them because you want them shine, or do you want to hire them because you want to shine? If your intent is true, everyone will shine, including you.

By Linus Karlsson, chairman and chief creative officer for New York and London, McCann Erickson


"The Explorer category was a pretty tough category to judge, not just for the high standard but the wide-ranging jobs these young creatives had. How do you judge between a planner, a creative team or a visual effects artist? In the end, it came down to 'who would I hire given the chance?' And as I don't run a planning department or an effects company, I chose Ida Backman and Janna Norberg for producing work that went far beyond simply answering the creative brief. Brilliant stuff."

Jeremy Craigen, executive creative director, DDB UK



for outsize achievements in a short timespan

Winner: Jade Trott, creative, London

"Were I of American origin, I'd describe Jade Trott as A Phenom. She is without doubt the most outstanding young creative I've ever encountered. 'Twas a certain Mr Bil Bungay who discovered the fledgling Jade at Central St Martins School of Art in 2007. We invited her to work with us on our pitch for Selfridges. The result was an account-winning campaign and the easiest hiring decision of my career. Jade's enthusiasm, talent and focus belie the fact that she's only been in the business for 48 months. One of the many, many things that separates Jade from other young creatives is her regard for students. She always has time and advice for those who've yet to break into our business. She has been BMB's tireless ambassador at Robin Wight's Ideas Foundation, encouraging kids from distinctly un-advertising backgrounds to give it a shot. If I have one prediction for Jade's future, it's that this 25-year-old will have her name above her own shop before you can say: "Gosh, doesn't time fly?""

By Trevor Beattie, co-founder, Beattie McGuinness Bungay


"An almost impossible task to decide between such formidable and prodigious talents as these, but Jade Trott caught the attention with what felt like a standout combination of talent and great ideas plus humility and nurturing, in terms of helping to develop emerging young talent into the industry. It's this generosity of spirit and collaborative approach combined with individual brilliance that will ensure our industry continues to evolve and to thrive."

Jo Hagger, Former chief integration officer, Glue Isobar




for immersive digital thinking

Winner: Vincent Thome, digital entrepreneur, London

"The future, as we'll see over the next few years, will be about making content on the internet more relevant and more personal to the individual. Nuji, set up by Vincent Thome and two partners, is an exciting example of a start-up that is doing this. It's a social shopping platform that changes the way people interact with stuff. You tag your favourite products in the offline world on your mobile by scanning the product barcode or simply taking a picture of it - or you can bookmark it at Nuji (in just one click). It identifies the products, helps you remember them and allows you to share and recommend the products you have found with your friends. Based on the belief that social recommendations will always beat computer-driven algorithms but that a combination of both is most powerful, Nuji is focused on making the discovery of new products fun and easy by allowing people to follow others with similar tastes - in music, gadgets, film, fashion and so on. Nuji (www.nuji.com) launched a beta at LeWeb 2010 and is a Seedcamp 2010 winner."

By David Harris, executive creative director, Wunderman


"Blimey, here is someone who's at the beginning of their career and already he has a start-up running. And a brilliant one it is too. Impressive stuff while everybody else is still in 'what if' and 'we should' land."

Flo Heiss, executive creative director, Dare




for talent across a broad spectrum

Winner: Richard Buchanan, creative strategist, London

"This 29-year-old from South-East London has been busily trying to redefine the future of culture. He is currently working as a creative strategist for Wieden & Kennedy Platform. Platform aims to explore the future and is a hot house for the brightest entrepreneurial minds in interactive and culture. Most recently, he worked as a creative strategist on Diesel Island with Santo London and Kit Kat Klock with JWT. He's a bit of a maverick but that seems to work. Richard Buchanan is also a musician. He was signed to Fatcat Records and was the lead vocalist in the notorious London punk band The Rank Deluxe. Besides the music, he is also trying to turn the social media business on its head. He recently formed the Facebook users union. He feels that users are effectively the product and the service and should be paid for their time. Richard views social media as a wonderful financial tool for social change. Mostly, this involves trying to get social media companies to donate 10 per cent of a user's value to good causes. Fair? He thinks so!"

By Kai-Lu Hsiung, managing director, RSA Films


"Richard Buchanan is an eclectic talent and only bound by his own imagination and creativity. No medium is off-limits and it's this level of creative versatility which makes him stand out from the crowd."

Steve Aldridge executive creative director, Engine.



Yahoo! is delighted to be championing the Campaign Emerging Talent Awards because it embraces the multi-platform world we live in and resonates so much with our DNA. Creativity is a vital component of any digital media company, including ours. This is evident in our ownership of the largest creative canvas on the web through to the recent launch of Yahoo! Studio. This area of expertise represents a continued emphasis on creativity across the internet and places quality content at the heart of our vision.

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