Emma Page

Make no mistake: Page is a go-getter. At university she told a lecturer that she wanted to work in marketing at Topshop – she managed that in her third job. What’s remarkable about this is not only that she pursued her dream and made it happen, but also that she remained determined when initially she didn’t succeed. 

"When I first applied I was turned away. So I asked the digital manager out for coffee and told her I wanted to work for her one day. We ended up having an interview at the end of that coffee meeting and I got a job."

She loves the fashion world, but left it for automotive in a highly strategic move. "I’d been in fashion for seven years and wanted to work in an industry that had creative budgets to explore platforms the best way I could. This sector is going to keep growing as people increasingly buy cars from ecommerce," she says.

One of Page’s core talents is connecting with people. This is something she has done brilliantly at Audi, successfully establishing the car brand’s ‘Think social’ strategy. This necessitated engaging Audi colleagues across the board and a complete overhaul of processes and people in the customer-facing social-media team. 

The restructure has reaped rich rewards, with the average response time dropping from more than seven hours to 35 minutes. Sentiment has lifted by 12% due to this reduced response time, tone-of-voice change and the improved quality of posts. But the result that Page is most proud of is selling an R8 via social-media customer care, by leaping on the opportunity presented by a tweet from a disgruntled Aston Martin customer and inviting him into an Audi dealership.

"Social media touches on everybody, so you need
to make relationships internally with the right stake-holders," she says. "You need to talk to PR and campaign managers and product managers. While I walk around with my tablet and e-notebook, I never underestimate the value of one-to-one face time and I don’t rely on firing off emails."

Life and work blend for this highly driven, scientific marketer, and she is fine with that. In fact, she thrives on it: "I don’t see work as work. I live by my RSS feed. I love being in the know and when you work for big brands, that competitive edge is so vital. You have to be on your A-game to succeed."

"Emma has revolutionised the Audi social-media presence in a whirlwind 10-month period. Her approach belies her years, combining youthful verve, proactivity and decisiveness with finely attuned creative judgement, data-fuelled decision-making and strategic ability.

She expertly balances the Audi positioning with customer expectation and requirements, drawing on her retail, fashion and agency experience.

This is borne out by her results: response rates up to 100%; engagement up from 7% to 10% and the development of an impressive influencers programme.

All of this has been delivered via brand Emma Page – stylish, premium, detailed and energetic."