Encams hunts for agencies to add to design roster

LONDON - Environmental Campaigns, the organisation behind the Keep Britain Tidy campaign, is looking for three roster design agencies for a three-year period.

Encams is an environmental charity that runs Blue Flag awards for clean beaches in England and a programme designed to make schools as eco-friendly as possible called Eco-schools.

The design agencies will be handed the task of providing design and advertising services for Encams' products, campaigns and general information leaflets.

For example, this could include posters for a campaign to the public asking them to clean up after their dog, broadcast ads to encourage people not to throw rubbish out of their car window or guides for the public on what they can do to spruce up their area.

The print of this design will be looked for separately and will not be the responsibility of the roster agencies.

Encams also campaigns on issues such as graffiti, fly posting, abandoned vehicles and gum dropping.

It is partly funded by the government through the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

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