Energis Interactive appoints Zenith to launch Bright Blue

Energis Interactive is to appoint Zenith Interactive to work on the

launch of its interactive home shopping service, Bright Blue.

Zenith will work with Energis in selling advertising on the service and

attracting brands as partners in Bright Blue, which is expected to

launch later this year as a rival to Open.

Bright Blue will be available on Sky Digital and also on the web and

through mobile phones. Energis has begun talks with brands to sign them

to the service but has yet to announce which retailers and banks it is

in talks with.

Justin Dewhirst, the head of marketing at Energis Interactive, said:

"Energis Interactive will make an announcement about a media sales

agency later this week. I can't confirm or deny the appointment of


Energis' agencies, Partners BDDH and John Ayling & Associates, are

working on the creative and media buying and planning for the launch.