Engine's Dave rebrands as Asia calls

Dave, the Engine-owned branding consultancy that was involved in a trademark dispute with the TV channel Dave, is itself rebranding under the name Calling Brands, as it expands into Asia.

Dan Bobby: chief executive of Calling Brands
Dan Bobby: chief executive of Calling Brands

The agency is merging with Identica Shanghai, formerly part of Cossette, and will also shortly open a third office, in Hong Kong.

The name change follows a long-running trademark dispute with UKTV channel Dave. In January, the TV channel was refused registration of the Dave trademark after the agency opposed it.

Following two subsequent appeals from UKTV, Engine withdrew its opposition in August, ending the dispute.

Despite the legal battle, Calling Brands was the favoured option over Dave as it would better translate in the Far East market, said managing director Sam Jordan.

He added that the merger would create a global brand consultancy that could take advantage of the shift in economic power towards Asia, particularly China.

Dan Bobby, chief executive of the enlarged agency, said Calling Brands would help businesses face up to the challenges and opportunities of globalisation.

‘The world has changed, with the balance of power shifting West to East,’ added Bobby. ‘China will be the driver of the global economy in the next decade and brands – both Western and Asian – need to think differently to prosper.’