Enteraction unveils TV channel

Advertisers will be able to buy slots to show their own branded content on the new channel, Home2.

The branded TV content company enteraction TV is launching a TV channel on which advertisers will be able to buy timeslots to show their own branded content.

BT is the first advertiser to sign up to the service, which is called Home2 and will be broadcast on the Sky Digital platform. The telecoms company has bought two hours of programming airtime to run every day from the channel's launch in September.

BT will run its own programming within the two hours, which it will support with other marketing activity.

Mark Cullen, the chief executive of enteraction TV, said: "The channel will be the equivalent of Bluewater shopping centre on TV and will allow viewers to watch entertaining programming while finding out about special offers and brands."

Home2 will broadcast from 8am until midnight and is designed as a low-cost alternative for those advertisers that want to run branded content on a TV channel.

Although Home2 will also carry interactive telephony, which allows brands to respond to viewer requests and voting, the channel is designed for blue-chip brand advertisers, rather than for teleshopping clients.

Enteraction is selling slots on the channel for a ratecard price of £10,000 per hour in peaktime, with discounts available for volume deals. The shortest timeslot available will be half-an-hour. It is also selling exclusivity on the channel so that competitor brands can be excluded from the screen.

"We are in discussion with a number of brands and their agencies who are interested in dipping their toes into multichannel TV. There is every indication this type of marketing channel will appeal to brands that want to exploit digital media within a mall environment," Cullen added.

Enteraction TV is responsible for running the teleshopping branded TV channel Thomas Cook TV, as well as the ad-funded tourist channel London TV.

The company has also worked on a number of ad-funded programmes, including the 2004 Campaign Media Award-winning Lifeblood for the National Blood Service and In Good Company for COI Communications.

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