Estrella Damm cleans up the Mediterranean Sea in sustainability spot

Campaign brings issue of plastic pollution to light.

Barcelona beer brand Estrella Damm has launched the second leg of its “Soul” campaign in a bid to highlight the issue of plastic pollution.

The ad, “Lovers”, follows the efforts of conservation experts (including divers, marine biologists, researchers, NGOs and disseminators) as they attempt to protect wildlife and reverse the effects of pollution, overfishing and maritime traffic.

It ends as the group enjoy a drink on the beach, prompting the tagline: “Defending our way of life is a beautiful way to live."

Estrella Damm first unveiled its “Soul” campaign at the end of last year with an interpretive spot set at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. 

“We wanted to give visibility to the initiatives we’re working with to help protect the Mediterranean Sea, which has been part of our DNA since 1876,” Anna Ferrer Magrià, UK marketing manager for Estrella Damm, said. 

“We’re hoping that this campaign will inspire everyone to make more sustainable choices and encourage people and further brands to do so too.” 

The campaign includes a partnership with celebrity chef Nathan Outlaw which aims to showcase the potential future of fish through ditching cod in favour of Cornish sole, oysters, tallow and seaweed.

Outlaw said: “The future of our oceans is a very real issue, and Estrella Damm’s beautifully emotive short film, “Lovers” will inspire us all to make more sustainable choices.  

“I urge everyone to watch it, so we can protect what we love.”