Ethnos in ethnic research partnership with Huge

LONDON - Ethnic research firm Ethnos has formed a partnership with digital entertainment company Huge Entertainment.

Dubbed Ethnos@Huge, the partnership aims to reverse the marketing industry's neglect of the UK's ethnic communities and is a step towards Huge's strategy to provide on-demand entertainment specifically targeting ethnic communities.

Ethnos@Huge aims to identify new revenue-generating on-demand entertainment opportunities within ethnic communities for media and technology firms and paves the way for Huge, part of the Engine Group, to launch a video-on-demand service targeted at the UK's 2.2m South Asians.

Mark Bradford, co-founder and executive director at Huge Entertainment, said: "We believe there is a great opportunity to engage more effectively with the UK's ethnic population. Ethnos@Huge tackles this from two angles. It targets media owners and platform operators to ensure they understand the size and potential of the market and it reinforces this with tools that deliver targeted and innovative on-demand entertainment."

Ethnic groups in the UK represent a growing audience and it is expected that by 2010 their combined spending power will reach an estimated £300bn.

Hamid Rehman, director at Ethnos, said: "The ethnic community in the UK is both diverse and dynamic. This makes it understandably difficult to reach -- but highly rewarding for those that invest time and effort in understanding what each sub-sector perceives to be relevant to its lifestyle. One-size marketing has never fitted all -- Ethnos@Huge extends this principle to include today's multicultural society."