Euro RSCG ads extend use of Cirio's sauces

Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper is attempting to encourage people to use Cirio Del Monte pasta sauces on foods other than pasta in its latest press advertising.

Euro RSCG has produced three executions showing how versatile the pasta sauce is for all Italian cooking. The ads show the Cirio sauce being used on a variety of different non-pasta food dishes while disgruntled pasta shapes show their anger and shock at being neglected.

In one execution, three penne pieces are huddled around a burning brazier because the pasta sauce is being used on a chicken dish. The headline reads: "Make your pasta feels neglected. Use Cirio with chicken." Other executions show penne sobbing and packing up their suitcases to leave home as they realise that they have become redundant.

Merry Scott-Jones, the account director at Euro RSCG, said: "The ads are a charming and humorous way to tempt British consumers to try Italy's number-one tomato brand. In a market saturated with authenticity messages, these ads simply but effectively communicate that Cirio sauces can be eaten with more than just pasta."

The ads, which were art directed by Andy Bobbin and written by Leanne Gold, break nationally on 5 June.

They run until the end of the month in consumer and food magazines, with media planning and buying through Cirkle.

Cirio Del Monte is the biggest-selling tomato brand in Italy and is keen to make inroads into the growing UK market for Italian food.