Euro RSCG fire prevention work targets men

The Government is launching a new initiative to reduce the number of fires in the home with advertising that identifies kitchens as high-risk areas.

Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper has produced a TV, poster, radio and online campaign which aims to reduce the 7,000 deaths and injuries that resulted from kitchen blazes last year.

The advertising is being directed mainly at a blue-collar audience, as well as mothers with young children and at young men. The latter are seen as particularly vulnerable when they return home after an evening's drinking and decide to cook. The theme of the campaign is: "Fire starts when your attention stops."

The TV campaign, launching nationally this week, features a man who appears to be laughing at a kitchen fire rapidly getting out of control. It later becomes obvious that he is watching TV in his living room, oblivious to the fire.

Carat is implementing the media strategy, which includes carrying the warning directly to audiences via on-pack messages on a million own-label bags of frying chips in Sainsbury's, Tesco and Safeway.

Four million bags of supermarket potatoes will also bear the slogan, while young men will be targeted via washroom panels and six-sheet posters in student unions.

Ciaran Challis, a Carat associate director, said: "We worked with Euro RSCG to identify the key media and target groups, and then looked at ways we could reach critical points for each of them."

The TV ad was written by Leanne Gold, art directed by Andy Bobbin and directed by Kevin Thomas at Thomas Thomas.