Euro RSCG unveils 307 launch ad for Peugeot

Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper is launching the Peugeot 307 with an epic

cinema and TV advertisement.

The agency is attempting to position the 307 as a stylish family car for

drivers who don't want to compromise their individuality and

self-expression. The 60-second ad is backed by the Labi Siffre track

(Something Inside) So Strong.

The ad opens with a shot of a doctor getting out of his 307 in a remote

and spectacular mountain location. The doctor rushes into a cabin where

a woman is going through a difficult birth. The action freezes and the

words "A driver is not just a driver" appear on the screen.

The ad continues through a series of vignettes where the viewer sees

various people expressing different aspects of their personality and


These include a prisoner painting behind bars and then a man kissing his

partner as the words "A husband is not just a father" appear. The ad

finally cuts back to the doctor from the opening scene who has

successfully delivered the baby. The screen freezes on a shot of the

baby and the words: "A person is not just a statistic" appear. The

screen cuts to black to show the words: "307 is not just a number".

The ad breaks in cinemas nationwide from 1 June during the blockbuster

Pearl Harbour. It launches on TV from 21 June.The copywriter is Mark

Wnek and art director is Ollie Caporn. The director is Anthea Benton and

the production house is Partizan Midi Minuit. Media planning and buying

is through BBJ.

Peugeot hopes that 307 sales can increase as the family car market

grows, and is keen to attract more small-car buyers to the model.

The advertising attempts to convey the idea that buyers no longer have

to sacrifice style and individuality for the functionality of a family


Euro RSCG's most recent ad for the 307 was its "Trout" spot, which also

attempted to build the model as a stylish family car.

The majority of advertising for Peugeot so far this year has been

focused on the 206 model for which Euro RSCG developed the "Stop liking,

start loving" campaign a year ago.

The most recent executions featured a woman walking a dog and a female

doctor examining a young male patient who becomes aroused by the


Xavier Peugeot, the advertising director for Peugeot, said: "This a big

international project for us. We needed an advertising idea that worked

across different countries, that spoke to each and every one of our

consumers and that was executed with the usual Peugeot elan."

Nick McElwee, the board account director at Euro RSCG, said: "Peugeot

has always been positioned at the emotional end of things and this ad is

still in that area. The important thing is that there is no longer any

such thing as the average family and there are a whole series of groups

buying into this sector."

Peugeot expects the 307 to outsell its predecessor the 306, which has

sold 425,000 units since launching in 1993.