Euro RSCG unveils debut Lions task

Lions Sports Mixture, the chewy sweet brand, is unveiling its first

ad campaign since its launch in 1912.

The TV executions, through Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper, back the national

launch of the brand. Lions Sports Mixture has previously only been

available in the north of England.

The ad is aimed at 25- to 34-year-old men and uses the proposition:

"It's time for knock about fun." The sweets come in the shape of

sporting implements such as rugby balls and cricket bats, and the ad

associates the brand with moments men spend with their friends.

Two men are shown "chewing over" the unsolved questions of everyday


The 30-second commercial, entitled "cat", shows two men watching a bad

football match. One man asks his friend a question about buttered toast

landing butter-side down and cats landing on their feet. The ad ends by

showing a toy cat, with a piece of buttered toast strapped to its back,

falling to the ground next to a pack of Lions Sports Mixture. The cat

lands on its back and a voiceover says: "Lions Sports Mixture. Chew it

over, and over".

The 20-second spot is supported by two ten-second ads called "cow" and

"rabbit" featuring similar questions.

Stephen Argyle, the managing director of Lions Confectionery, said: "The

campaign is fun, while making sure that the unique chewiness of the

product is also central."

The campaign was art directed and written by Gary Lathwell and Richard

Peretti. It was directed by Ashley King through Thomas Thomas. Media

planning and buying is through Carat.