Euro RSCG unveils Peugeot TV ad

Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper has created a TV and cinema campaign for Peugeot that showcases the performance of the new 206 GTi 180.

The ad features a cast of people looking guilty in different situations.

The message is that the new 206 is such an exhilarating drive that you'll never want to be at home.

In the spot, we see a girl being frowned at by her boss as she arrives late to her job at a library. A young couple then arrive late to a formal dinner party and are glared at by the guests. This is followed by a man being greeted by his anxious wife as he arrives home in the early hours of the morning.

The final two images feature a woman noticing a strange mark on her husband's shoulder where his seat belt would have been and another woman attempting to brush creases from the back of her husband's jacket.

The endline reads "Peugeot 206 GTi 180 - play away from home" and is accompanied by footage of a dishevelled man looking proudly at his 206 as he emerges from it.

Peugeot's advertising director, Dean Drew, said: "This is an ad that reflects the traditional Peugeot values of style, sexiness and dynamism.

It has great music, a good story, interesting people and, of course, an exiting car - the new 206 GTi 180. It will also reinforce both the Peugeot and 206 brands."

The TV campaign breaks on 4 August and will run for one month on Channel 4, five, ITV, BSkyB and cable. It will then be reshown in December. The cinema execution breaks on 18 July and will run for five months.

The execution was written by Angus Wardlaw, art directed by Alexei Berwitz and directed by Who? through Great Guns. Media planning and buying for the campaign was handled by OMD UK.

This campaign follows a spot for the Peugeot 307, also by Euro RSCG, which went live two weeks ago.