Eurostar maintains 'fly' theme in poster and press by TBWA

TBWA\London has created a £1.5 million press and poster campaign for Eurostar, continuing the "Fly Eurostar" theme introduced last year.

"Fly Eurostar" was launched in September to coincide with the opening of the first section of the UK high-speed line. Targeting the London market, it aims to show how much faster and easier the train is than flying.

Breaking on 21 June, the new posters will run as 96- and 48-sheets on outdoor sites in London and the south-east, as well as on the Underground. Press ads will run in The Mail on Sunday, Metro and the Evening Standard.

The ads are aimed at a leisure audience and depict typical tourist destinations.

They also look to underline the central nature of Eurostar's destinations, seen as its core benefit over the plane.

Eight spots show a variety of sightseeing spots in Paris and Brussels positioned behind a set of railway tracks. The headlines run "The heart of Paris in 2h35" and "The heart of Brussels in 2h20". All the ads carry the endline: "Fly Eurostar."

Greg Nugent, Eurostar's head of marketing, said: "The new work takes the campaign to the next level and really focuses on the proven benefits of travelling by Eurostar."

The ads were written and art directed by Brian Campbell and Phil Martin, with photography by Simon Mills. Media is by Manning Gottlieb OMD.