Eurostar "You see more when you don't fly" by Engine

Shortly after its 25th birthday, Eurostar has launched an ad to reignite the "challenger mentality" of campaigns past.

The campaign follows the adventures of a thrill-seeking ostrich named Seymour as it explores Europe. It was created by Engine and comprises two spots. 

"Market" depicts the flightless bird as it saunters through a quirky Parisienne market. Seymour stares deeply into the eyes of a for-sale portrait painting, before bumping into an antique harp.

"Punk" shows Seymour observing mohawk-sporting rockers in a Camden museum. Inspired by the defiance of London’s punk scene, the ostrich throws caution to the wind and steps over a "please do not cross" line on the floor.

Launched alongside print, outdoor, cinema and digital activity, this marks Engine’s first work with Eurostar since winning the account last year.