Event 100 Club's 2015 Predictions: Kelly Phillips of EE
Event 100 Club's 2015 Predictions: Kelly Phillips of EE

Event 100 Club's 2015 Predictions: Kelly Phillips

Personalisation should be a key focus for experiential in the months ahead, says EE senior event manager Kelly Phillips, as part of Event 100 Club's 2015 predictions series this month.

Voted number five in the 2015 edition of the Event 100 Club, Phillip's reveals her forecast for the next 12 months.

Phillips’ outlook for 2015

"Brands will become smarter on integrating social media into experiential in the year to come. Activations will need to be far more engaging for consumers to get any cut-through, and a crucial enabler for this will be social media. There will be far more campaign integration across traditional channels. Great content has to be at the heart of this, so there will be a continued drive to have input from users and engagement of audiences to create stories, rather than simply having them as passive contributors. The power will be handed back to the people. 

Brands will utilise new digital platforms such as virtual reality technology more effectively to reach new audiences and extend the lifespan of experiential work.
A few brands have been early adopters, but it will really start to saturate the market and become fairly widespread in 2015. Wearable technology will also impact on the industry. Brands will be desperate to include products in experiential work and consumers will be hungry to explore the possibilities on offer. 

 Secret Cinema really stepped it up last year and this type of immersive experience is shaping the sector. It will be interesting to see how that plays out, particularly in the corporate event space where audiences are crying out to be more active. They demand an experience that adds value. We know an emotional response creates a far stronger memory, which in turn helps advocacy, so we will see some great immersive work in the corporate world in 2015."

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