Event 100 Club's predictions: Stephen Brown

Over the next two weeks, the Event 100 Club 2016's top ten will reveal how they see the industry shaping up in the months ahead. In the ninth instalment, Stephen Brown, managing director at England Rugby 2015, shares his outlook for 2016.

Brown was voted in at number nine in this year's Event 100 Club 2016
Brown was voted in at number nine in this year's Event 100 Club 2016

Voted number nine in the 2016 edition of the Event 100 Club, Brown reveals his forecast for the next 12 months.

"The 2015 Rugby World Cup was the first in the truly digital era and introduced new sport and fan engagement technologies for the first time. Keeping ahead of these technologies will become ever more critical to the discerning fan, with so many other leisure opportunities on offer.

"There is significant commercial potential and long-term value in a truly engaged fan base, and the most successful sports and major events will be those that feed the inherent passion in a sophisticated, intuitive and modern way." 

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