Event Awards 2005: The Event Award - Live Event Activity - Sponsored by Event

WINNER - Athens Olympic Ceremonies

The 2004 Summer Olympic Games was a milestone in Olympic history as it marked the return of the modern Games to Athens.

Jack Morton Worldwide was tasked with creating the opening and closing ceremonies with the brief being to inspire and engage four billion viewers.

It needed to celebrate the spirit of the Olympics and its homecoming as well as spotlight Greece, its people, culture and traditions to the world.

The primary objective was to use the Olympics as a global branding platform for Greece. A positive image of the country needed to be broadcast to the world in an event that would defy stereotypes and influence perceptions.

Jack Morton was brought on board in December 2002, it was the first time a non-indigenous agency had been appointed to produce the ceremony.

The initial Athens office opened with just four staff with the team growing to 430 by the end of the project.

The creative for the two ceremonies was expressed in the form of two constantly evolving scripts.

Following the ceremony the results of a nationwide survey conducted in Greece on behalf of the organising committee revealed that the ceremonies were the most memorable moments of the Olympic games.

Extensive press coverage across the world was achieved and counteracted more cynical coverage leading up to the Games.