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Having trouble finding a product or service? Phone the helpline team on 020-8267 4407 or email them at mike.fletcher@haynet.com


Q: My company is exhibiting at an upcoming trade show. Can you suggest a way to give it high visibility compared with the other stands?

A: One effective way of promoting your brand would be through the use of large promotional flags as provided by HoF Fabric Display Solutions (01480 861 678). The company, which is based in Cambridgeshire and has offices covering the whole of the UK, can supply a highly visible, high-impact promotional presence in the shape of the Sports Power Flag. Complete with a lightweight double strength aluminium pole, the finished flag stands 4.5m high. This can come with a spiked base for use in soil, grass or sand, or with a car base plate for use on automotive forecourts.


Q: We are about to go on the road for an upcoming campaign roadshow. It would be great to re-create our stand on a double-decker bus - can you recommend the best company to approach?

A: Commbus (01675 463 555) can provide quality buses for any event. It has double-decker buses or coach exhibition units, all equipped with electrical mains systems and a serving area with running water and cooking and refrigeration equipment, including hot drinks machines and microwave ovens as standard. The company can also provide floor standing air conditioning units for use in warmer weather. You can even brand Commbus buses with your company logo and colours, and can have backlit artwork on the front destination board above the windscreen.