Event TV: Betfair dishes out free cash to ATM users

Online betting company Betfair surprised ATM users in Tooting high street, London, with a Super Rich Cash Machine that dispensed free money to users.

Betfair distributed free cash to Tooting ATM users
Betfair distributed free cash to Tooting ATM users

It is estimated that the machine gave away more than £10,000 to customers last Wednesday (17 September) without asking for a PIN number or using their card details. News of the ATM spread quickly throughout social media as the public shared pictures of their free cash.

Organised alongside communications agency Pitch and production company Trinity, Betfair launched the cash point to promote their new Price Rush betting product.

Hugo Elis, a student and receiver of the free cash, said: "I put my card in and took out £40. We were about to leave when the machine beeped again and more money came out. I put the money straight in my pocket and waited until we got home to count it, that was when we realised it was £500.

"We’ve just moved to London as students and we definitely weren’t expecting anything like this to happen."

Andy Holmes, brand product manager at Betfair, said: "The odds on getting more money than you expected at a cash machine are pretty slim but our Super Rich Cash Machines Price Rushed transactions gave some users much more money than they requested."

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