Event TV: Curb produces explosive ACDC promo stunt

To promote the release of ACDC's new album Rock or Bust, agency Curb Media blew the Australian band's logo out of a large rock, synchronised to the album's title track.

Curb produced the ACDC exploding rock stunt in Krakow, Poland
Curb produced the ACDC exploding rock stunt in Krakow, Poland

The stunt, which formed part of a campaign to launch the album, saw a team of 30 experts collaborate with Curb on the project including pyro technicians, artists and film producers.

The exploding rock stunt was filmed in two locations in Krakow, Poland, including the Czatkowice quarry and the Alvernia film studios. The video went on to generate more than two million views within the first 24 hours of going live. It was released simultaneously worldwide on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

The project was the result of a collaboration between Curb, advertising agency Manning Gottlieb OMD, Columbia Records UK and Talon, a partnership that recently saw Curb win the Spectacular award at the Creative Out of Home Awards last month for its work on the PlayStation OXO Tower takeover.

Ravi Ruparel, partner and chief operating office at Curb, said: "From sculpture to drones and pyrotechnics to state-of-the-art film production, we threw everything at this project. For one of the world’s biggest rock bands, we wanted to create something iconic. The record company loved the idea of blowing rock up to reveal their name and early indications are that their fans love it too."

James Thomas, business director at Manning Gottlieb OMD, added: "We wanted to do something sufficiently rock and roll for the launch of this album. An execution that required explosives, massive boulders, remote control drones and being shot in a country with more relaxed health and safety laws seemed entirely appropriate."

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