Event TV: Doritos launches new snack with 'Roulette fire walk'

Doritos has invited members of the public to take part in a surprise challenge to launch its new Doritos Roulette snack.

Event TV: Doritos launch new snack with 'Roulette Fire walk' surprise stunt
Event TV: Doritos launch new snack with 'Roulette Fire walk' surprise stunt

Doritos has released a video of a stunt it held for members of the public to test their bravery and boldness, which celebrates the bold flavours of its new snack, Doritos Roulette.

The new product includes a handful of fiery Doritos hidden in each bag, which are covered in an invisible hot flavouring that is said to be 10 times hotter than a jalapeño pepper.

As part of the activation, groups were asked whether they would be up for a bold Doritos Roulette challenge, and those who agreed to take part were taken to a challenge location where they were faced with four doors and asked to choose one each.

Some members of the groups were greeted with a comfortable sofa, drinks and Doritos, but just like the hot Doritos Roulette chips, behind one door was a fiery challenge – a challenge of walking over hot coals as their friends watched on.

By taking part, the groups were given the opportunity to win the trip of a lifetime, which included a ‘bold night’ out on a private jet.

Michael Walford, marketing manager at Doritos, said: "We loved setting the groups this hot challenge and seeing which recruits could handle the heat, and the reactions we got were great."

This activity forms part of a wider ‘For The Bold’ campaign by Doritos, which aims to encourage people to make bold choices when they’re getting together with friends.  

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