Event TV: Hennessy creates mind-bending light installation

Cognac brand Hennessy is continuing its 250th anniversary celebrations with Crafted Light, a light installation inspired by Victorian optical illusions.

The activation launched in London’s Harrods yesterday (1 October) as part of the store’s Cover to Cover autumn campaign. It has been designed to celebrate Hennessy’s heritage in innovation and craftsmanship through abstract fluid motion graphics. 

The installation features the persistence of vision optical technique and spinning in-plane switching screens, blending simple imagery into a single image to give the illusion of smooth motion. The hologram animations appear to float in mid air. 

Three sets of graphics have been created to represent Hennessy: balance, flow and ice. 

The brand partnered with visual experience agency MPC to develop the installation, while Bluman Associates and Artem developed the motor, construction and engineering for the project. It sits in a copper ‘claw’ designed by Tom Dixon

Andre Assalino, MPC’s interactive creative director, said: "As a drop of condensation on a soda bottle provokes thirst, the golden light refraction of the cognac through the bottom of the snifter glass evokes a sense of rich luxury. To recreate that effect digitally, we went through challenging, yet rewarding, mechanical R&D and motion design exploration using a modern persistence of vision technique.

"Through three abstract animations, we were able to convey Hennessy’s timeless qualities and traditions, creating an experience that reflects the brand’s premium values. Knowing the installation was going to be displayed in one of Harrods’ windows added that extra bit of motivation to ensure we created something truly memorable."

Hennessy will wrap up its anniversary celebrations at the Hennessy Gold Cup at Newbury Racecourse on 28 November. It previously created a travelling time capsule where consumers could record a message for the future.

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