Event TV: Inside Czech Olympic House

The Czech Republic Olympic House was opened by Czech President Václav Klaus on Friday (27 July) and Event was there to soak up the celebratory atmosphere.

The Business Design Centre in Islington had been transformed into a hub of Czech culture for the launch, complete with a basketball court, canvases by artist Michael Rittstein and contemporary dancers performing on stage.

Pilsner flowed at the bar while a Czech film was shown on a curved screen that wrapped around three quarters of the venue’s mezzanine level.  

In front of the house, passers by stopped to watch a unique installation by Czech artist David Cerný, who created a mechanical red double-decker bus that can do press ups especially for the house.

Graham Stephenson, chief operating officer of the BDC, said the venue had been working on the project with the Czech team for more than three years.

He said the house would welcome many Czech athletes during the Games, and that even Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt would be dropping in at some point, although he wouldn’t give away any clues as to when that might be.

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