Event TV: Land Rover creates giant sun for Range Rover reveal

Land Rover has employed state-of-the-art projection technology to celebrate the global unveiling of its new Range Rover Evoque Convertible model in London.

The light projection covered an area the size of approximately 10 tennis courts
The light projection covered an area the size of approximately 10 tennis courts

An Evoque Convertible could be found outside the Central Saint Martins building in Granary Square, King’s Cross last week. As its roof was lowered for the first time, a light projection representing the glow of the summer sun appeared on the exterior of the iconic building.

Twenty projectors were used to create the bright light, which covered an area the size of approximately 10 tennis courts. The projection offered a combined brightness of 400,000 lumens, the equivalent of 40,000 candles.

The reveal also incorporated Granary Square’s water feature, which comprises 1,080 fountain jets and 4,320 individual low energy LEDs. Each jet is individually controlled and lit using a giant pixel map that is designed to invoke the mood of the changing seasons. 

A series of the candy-coloured wireframe sculptures, which first appeared on the streets of London’s most exclusive postcodes in October, were also positioned around the building's vicinity. 

The unveiling of the Evoque Convertible marks the start of a new partnership between Land Rover and the Born Summit of Creativity, an event that is set to take place in Courchevel, France in March 2016.

Land Rover and Born, a crowdfunding business aimed at celebrating up-and-coming creative talent, will release a series of short films in the lead up to the event. Each will focus on established creative leaders and look at how they are encouraging emerging creative talent.

The new model was officially unveiled when a video of the event was released yesterday (8 November). The car will be available for purchase in spring 2016. 

Gerry McGovern, design director and chief creative officer at Land Rover, said: "The Range Rover Evoque Convertible is a symbol of refinement, luxury and creative design. It’s perfectly suited to the urban surroundings of London.

"The Evoque’s elegant design proportions lend themselves to the creation of a convertible, and it’s fitting to reveal the vehicle against the backdrop of one of the world’s leading centres for art and design education here in the creative hub of London."

Land Rover's Rugby World Cup activity, which included its #WeDealnReal grass roots rugby campaign, was ranked among the best by industry professionals

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