Event TV: Shangri-La founder announces new immersive experience

Deborah Armstrong, the founder and creative director of Glastonbury's Shangri-La experience, is to launch a new London-based event, dubbed Summerland, in Winter 2016.

Deborah Armstrong announces her latest immersive venture
Deborah Armstrong announces her latest immersive venture

Virgin Atlantic, SeeTickets, Biletto, The AKA Group and Harvey Goldsmith’s The Live Firm have already been confirmed as event partners.

Summerland is to be a hyper-realistic and fully immersive tropical paradise that will be housed in a secret venue.

It will provide Londoners with a ‘holiday in a day’, featuring Hollywood film set techniques, jungle plant landscaping, rock walls, a 40-foot waterfall, hot tubs, a mediation cave and a swimming lagoon.

Guests will ‘arrive’ into the world through a ‘Teleporter’ and be asked to check in their mobile phones, money and winter clothes at the door. A 1.5 million lumen light projection system will aim to rid guests of their seasonal affected disorders, while the sky will be projection mapped in high definition.

Summerland will host up to four, four-hour shows per day. Daytime shows for family audiences can host 1,200, while evening shows for adults can host up 2,966 and continue until 3am. 


From today (11 November) Armstrong is inviting fans of Shangri-La to buy shares in Summerland through a two-month Seedrs campaign. Alongside equity, Founding Club Members will be able to contribute creative ideas to the future direction of the event. 

Kevin Jackson, founder of The Experience Is The Marketing and previously of George P Johnson, has joined the project as non-executive director.

Armstrong said: "So many of you have shown such love for my previous shows. I want to show you how much we appreciate it by offering you the chance to own shares in my best show yet."

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