Event TV: WaterAid trials Hope Locker donation experience

Proximity London has partnered with WaterAid to launch its Hope Locker mechanism - an interactive installation that lets consumers donate physical cash to charity in a creative way.

The interactive technology allowed users to donate or return their £1
The interactive technology allowed users to donate or return their £1

Devised in collaboration with production agency MediaMonks, the first prototype Hope Locker was tested at a swimming pool in Richmond at the end of 2015.

Swimmers that needed to hire a locker inserted their pound coin, which then appeared to sink to the bottom of the locker via an on-screen animation. When they returned their key, the screen asked if they had swallowed any water during their swim, and pointed out that in the exact time they were swimming, dirty water killed one child per minute in the developing world.

Users could then choose to donate their £1 to charity, and register their details with the organisation.

Proximity is planning to roll out the technology to other venues in London once funding has been finalised.

Astrid van Essen, managing director at MediaMonks, said: "Proximity challenged us to produce a fully-functional locker that could be implemented in real situations and venues as part of an ongoing campaign – something that could exist beyond a one-off promotional installation.

"The campaign’s concept is both disruptive and provocative, but it serves a great purpose. We’re always happy to develop new ways in which digital production helps promote charitable campaigns."

Charlotte Forrest, special projects Manager at WaterAid, added: "I love this idea – It’s really different and innovative, and there’s a clear link to our vision and values as an organisation. We’re really excited to see how the idea can be further developed after the encouraging test results."

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