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Colja M Dams is the chief executive of German agency Vok Dams, which provides events and live marketing for a number of international clients. Event spoke to him about growing up in the industry, inspiring audiences and his secret magic talents.

Colja M Dams, chief executive of Vok Dams
Colja M Dams, chief executive of Vok Dams

I got into the event industry because events were a part of my life before we even called them ‘events’. As a young boy I performed as a magician where I loved to captivate and engage an audience.

My father Vok Dams founded the agency in 1971 and established the Vok Dams brand, so I grew up with and within the industry. When my father asked me to join the business, I knew it was an opportunity I had to seize.

I had big dreams and particularly wanted to expand the business internationally. Over the years I have concentrated on growing it from one office to its current 14 national and international offices.

I have worked here since 1998, but I had been involved many years earlier with my father.

I was attracted to this particular role because I’ve always enjoyed wowing and inspiring an audience. This role allows me to do exactly that again and again.

Not many people know that I am a keen amateur magician. As with any well-executed event, the ‘wow’ effect simply happens in magic tricks - it captivates without any need for explanation.

The best event I’ve been involved was with BASF. Or was it Porsche? Goodyear? Volkswagen? Birkenstock? Lamborghini is one of my favorites too. I enjoy breathtaking performances as well as more simple and subtle events, both giant events with more than 33,000 participants and intimate get-togethers.

If I could do it all over again I would thank the fairy and ask her for the other two wishes.

The one thing I can’t stand is a noisy countryside and a quiet agency. I prefer it the other way around.

Outside of work I spend my time with my wonderful kids, playing football, cooking and enjoying the outdoors.

If money were no object I would have an ice cream van right in front of our Vok Dams agency offices from Monday to Friday, handing out free helpings to anyone who passes by.

If I could switch places with anyone else in the industry it would be the person who is able to create instant adult clones.

If I ruled the event industry I would ask myself, "what’s the next target"?

Dams is speaking at ISES Accelerate at Emirates Stadium on 15th May 2015. He will be sharing his knowledge and experience on the topic ‘Live Campaigns: Trends in Events’.

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