#EventCareers: How to... be a great workplace

Tips on how to create a great workplace, according to The British Council for Offices (BCO), as part of Event's workplace and #EventCareers series.

#EventCareers: How to...be a great workplace
#EventCareers: How to...be a great workplace

Get the basics right

Substance matters more than style. Space, temperature and lighting are the most important features of an office, closely followed by wi-fi, coffee, the ability to hot desk and break-out spaces. Businesses can easily create an environment conducive to higher output and improved productivity by realising, and acting on, what is truly important to its workers.

Think about look and feel

BCO research found that more than two-thirds of Generation Y employees who work in an office with a funky fit-out believe they are more productive. Moreover, nearly four in five workers think a bespoke office interior, which suits the business, improves their productivity. There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to office design, although one fad that won't pass is workplaces putting social spaces to the fore and nurturing a more informal environment overall.

Provide a space for communication

Offices act as a hub, providing a place for employees to collaborate and communicate. People want places where they can converse face to face and debate ideas. CEOs such as Yahoo's Marissa Meyer realised the importance of this when she infamously banned working from home.

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