Everybody's beautiful game - how brands are waking up to the Women's World Cup

With the Women's World Cup in full swing, Campaign discovers why the women's game is both a trendsetter and positive space for brands.

Football. A glorious game that is watched by billions and supported by brands in their hundreds. But the game of the people has been dominated by just one half, the male half, men’s football.

Until now. The Women’s World Cup, which kicked off last week, is the most high profile yet. The broadcasters have embraced it, audiences have reached record levels and sponsorship is on the rise.

With this wave of investment, Campaign spoke to key sponsors of women's football – are brands really committed to bridging the gap? What happens at the end of this tournament when that final whistle blows? Are they invested in the long-term future of the women's game? And supporting the talented players inspiring generations to come?

Hear from COPA90, Visa, Budweiser, Lucozade, Mars and England player Jordan Nobbs on why this summer’s World Cup is vital, not just in terms of the short-term effects it will have for the women’s game, but for its continued longevity.

It’s everybody’s beautiful game.