Everyday Connects: Examples

These devices and services are taking advantage of ubiquitous connectivity to streamline consumers' lives.

Connected whisky bottle

Diageo has created a prototype connected whisky bottle using an NFC tag that can assist with stock control and age authenticity but also acts as a marketing tool to enhance the brand experience.

Neo Jar

Smart Jar that helps people better understand what’s in their cupboards. Using Bluetooth technology and ‘ultraresponsive sensors’, it tracks the weight and nutritional content of food being stored, and knows how long ingredients will last before going bad.

Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit

This dimming kit features a bulb that can be plugged into any regular light fitting and a wireless switch bringing affordability and accessibility to smart lighting.

Samsung Smartthings

Samsung is investing in an open platform underpinning all of its smart products. This will be entirely open to other developers and software/hardware manufacturers so if your products are built by different brands they can still communicate.

Amazon Echo

A wireless speaker and voice command device that responds to the name ‘Alexa’. The cloud-based voice service acts as a personal home assistant and can also act as a controller for connected products in the home.

Amazon Dash Button

A Wi-Fi connected device that reorders your branded items at the press of a button.

Smart Ink

Uses conductive inks to turn ordinary objects into intelligent, interactive experiences.