Everyday Connects: What it means for brands

With increasing connectivity comes new opportunities for brands - from new experiences to connected services.

Everyday Connects: What it means for brands

Everyday Connects will create communications opportunities falling into four broad areas related to two key dimensions: whether the communication is focused on or off the connected object; and whether the communication form is closer to advertising or content.

Brand experiences

Connecting the physical world means that brands can offer richer experiences to their consumers whether that be in their own spaces (for example, through a connected product) or elsewhere (such as sponsored spaces at events).

Contextual notifications

The additional layers of data that the connected world will generate through interactions with the individual will create increased opportunities for more nuanced forms of contextual messaging delivered within the connected environment itself. Walking past Tesco’s? Your pesto sauce may notify you that it’s about to expire so why not buy some pasta for dinner tonight.

Cross platform personalisation

The prospect of connected products means that manufacturers can gain valuable insight into how, when and in what circumstances their consumers use their product. A shampoo brand could understand whether their shampoo is an everyday product or only used before going out on a Saturday night. The data these interactions are generating will enrich communications across other platforms.

Connected Services

If connected products are to be accepted by consumers they need to add some clear value, and this will be through distinct services related to the brand and category. If this value is insufficiently compelling, connected products won’t be so much rejected as ignored.