Evian launches global Baby & Me campaign

Evian, the water brand from Danone, is urging consumers to rediscover their "inner baby" in its first TV spot in two years, returning to the baby theme from 'Rollerbabies' and 'Baby Inside'.

The spot, created by BETC Paris, renews the brand’s ‘Live Young’ concept from previous campaigns through Evian’s trademark babies. It shows a group of people seeing "baby versions" of themselves in a shop window, before beginning to dance with them.

The ad launched online today and is the first since "baby inside" in 2011, which featured people in T-shirts with images of a baby's body on them, from the neck down.

It will be broadcast on television and cinema in more than 15 countries, including France, the UK, the US, Germany, Russia and China, from 21 April. BETC Paris was responsible for the creative and media planning, while Havas Media International handled media buying.

The art director for ‘Baby & Me’ was Agnes Cavard and the copywriter was Valérie Chidlovsky. We Are From LA directed the spot through Iconoclast.

Babies have been used in Evian’s work since BETC's first campaign for the brand, 'Waterbabies' in 1998 featuring babies performing water ballet.

Rémi Babinet, the chairman and global creative director at BETC, told Campaign: "Babies are still at the heart of the [new] execution, but this time, they share the stage with their adult selves. For a simple and joyful moment, adults can rediscover their inner youthful self.

"This encounter captures Evian’s vision of youth, which is most of all an attitude, an openness to the world and to the unexpected, regardless of age.

"Babies and youth have accompanied Evian’s successful development around the world. But it is important to remember that the Evian babies are not an advertising gimmick, but a genuine expression of the brand’s heritage, and of the universal values of youthfulness that it represents."

As with previous campaigns, music plays a central role in the ad through a remix of the 1990s Ini Kamoze hit ‘Here comes the Hotstepper’.

In the UK, ‘Baby & Me’ will be shown during ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ on 27 April, online through 4oD and Videology and in cinemas showing ‘The Great Gatsby’ in May and June.

A free iPhone app designed by BETC Digital and B-Reel launches in May, equipped with facial recognition software to reveal the user’s ‘baby’ face.

In 2008, BETC made "rollerbabies", a spot based around roller-skating babies that generated nearly 250 million views online, entering the Guinness World Records as the most viewed online ad ever at the time.