EVS breaks through 100,000 interviews barrier

LONDON - Evalueserve (EVS), the global research and analytics company, has announced its market search division has broken through the 100,000 interviews barrier.

The company said the achievement, which has taken five years to reach, "is an important milestone for EVS, demonstrating the size and scale of [our] market research capability".

The landmark was attained on the back of more than 500 global research surveys in more than 55 languages.

EVS chairman Alok Aggarwal said the company was planning to expand its market research division. "We plan to continue to grow our market research division aggressively - both in terms of headcount and capability.

"Our ability to conduct B2B and B2C surveys in almost any language, in any industry segment, around the world is a true differentiator of EVS."

Evalueserve's market research division offers end-to-end market research solutions to both large and small to medium-sized companies in brand perception, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and new product development.