Ex-BBC weatherman Michael Fish's marketing predictions for 2016

You read that right.

Ex-BBC weatherman Michael Fish's marketing predictions for 2016

Harvey Nichols

Most read: Harvey Nichols named most engaging Christmas ad

Realeyes has named Harvey Nichols's "avoid gift face" the most engaging ad this festive season, while last year's winner John Lewis only reached number seven, Campaign's Harriet Brown reports.

The ad came top of a study, which tracked facial expressions to measure how people felt when they were watching different ads. Almost 1,500 people took part in the study, watching 30 different Christmas ads.

The results were complied from webcam footage of over 11.5 million frames of facial expressions. The scores are a combined measure of how well an ad grabs the viewers’ attention, keeps it, and whether it leaves a lasting impression.

As well as taking the top spot this year, Harvey Nichols retains the honour of producing the most engaging Christmas ad ever tested by Realeyes: the 2013 Christmas ad, "sorry, I spent it on myself".

Read on for Realeyes' top ten engaging Christmas ads.


ASA: Investigates Nurofen ad for false claims

The Advertising Standards Authority has confirmed it is investigating a Nurofen TV ad, as an Australian court bans a number of Reckitt Benckiser pain relief products for misleading customers, Campaign's James Swift reports.

The ASA received 12 complaints about a TV ad for Nurofen Express in February and began its investigation in March.

According to the regulatory body, the complaints challenged whether the ad misleads by implying the product directly targets muscles in the head. People have also questioned whether the claim "gives you faster headache relief than standard paracetamol or ibuprofen" is misleading.

A spokesman for the ASA said: "This is a complex case and our investigation is ongoing.

"The advertiser is providing evidence to substantiate its claims, we’re carefully assessing that and we’ll publish our findings in due course."

Read on for details of the separate decision by an Australian court.

Twitter Moments

On social: Twitter unveils 'Moments' in the UK with launch partners Sky, Vice, Buzzfeed and The Sun

Twitter has brought its breaking news feature, Moments, to the UK, curating updates around the most important breaking news of the day, Marketing's Shona Ghosh reports.

Twitter Moments is rolling out to users with the updated mobile app, and appears as a new tab alongside notifications and messages.

Twitter Moments in the UK are curated by the company’s small in-house editorial team, comprising former journalists, but Twitter is also allowing certain partner publishers such as The Sun, Vice, Buzzfeed UK, BT Sport, Sky Sports, the Premier League and Vevo, to create their own Moments, which might appear on the main feed.

The idea is to attract new sign ups to Twitter, and encourage its more casual users to engage.

While brands have started advertising against the US version of Moments, Dara Nasr, Twitter’s newly appointed UK managing director, said the UK won’t start seeing ads until the end of January.

Read on to learn how US brands are using Twitter Moments.

City AM

Ad blocking: City AM to ban all ad-blockers on desktop browsers

Business freesheet City AM is to ban all desktop internet users from using ad-blockers on its website as it steps up its efforts to protect its advertising income, Campaign's Gideon Spanier writes.

The company admitted people using ad-blockers turned them off only 21% of the time after they were prevented from viewing City AM content during a trial involving users of the Firefox browser.

City AM said: "The results of the trial showed that the number of cityam.com Firefox page impressions where an ad-blocker is turned on dropped from 22% before the trial to 15% during the trial, with no noticeable difference in the website’s exit rate."

The results of this trial are very encouraging and suggest that many of our users value our content enough to turn their ad blockers off. We have also been heartened to see that where users do turn off ad-blockers they go on to view many more pages than the site average.

Martin Ashplant, digital and social media director at City AM

Now users of other browsers such as Chrome and Safari will also face restrictions on viewing City AM’s online content unless they turned off their ad-blocker or "white-list" the site, by suspending the ad-blocking technology.

City AM is using tech company Rezonence to identify and stop ad-blockers. Mobile users will not be affected.

Michael Fish

Predictions: Bald is back

If you've had your fill of predictions, tough luck, we've got many more perspectives on what will happen in 2016 coming down the pipe.

But here's a palate cleanser from PR agency Taylor Herring, who have recruited Michael Fish for their spoof video. We say spoof, but they're right that beards are over.


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