Ex-Duckworth Finn planner set to open qualitative agency

Chris Forrest, the former Duckworth Finn Grubb Waters planning

director, is linking with two other senior figures from the research

industry to set up a company with Guinness UDV as its biggest


The qualitative research operation - called The Nursery - is already

undertaking assignments for Smirnoff vodka and Bailey's.

The new venture teams Forrest with Peter Dann and Lucy Bannister, both

former associate directors of the research specialist Davies Riley-Smith


Forrest said: "Qualitative research is an interesting area in which to

be at the moment, because clients are prepared to pay a lot of money for

it. As an agency planner it was always frustrating to see the amount of

attention paid by clients of qualitative research. They seem to think

planners are just there to sell them a 30-second TV commercial."

Forrest has been running his own company, Forrest Associates, since

leaving Duckworth Finn in 1997.