Exclusive: Five things you need to know about Kevin Jackson's new agency

Event speaks exclusively to Kevin Jackson to learn more about his new agency, The Experience Is The Marketing.

Kevin Jackson announced his resignation from George P Johnson in May
Kevin Jackson announced his resignation from George P Johnson in May

The Experience Is The Marketing will be based on Wardour Street in Soho 

However, Jackson says: "I’m a massive fan of working on site with customers so will be encouraging time in others offices as much as our own."

The agency will work with a group of partners 

These will be announced across the next few months. They will consist of organisations and individuals that will form a network of services for clients. 

Jackson has hinted at collaborations with Engage Works and Concerto Live

Both of which now feature in his Twitter profile alongside The Experience Is The Marketing and ISES UK, and he recently spoke at the latter’s Inspiration Station Live event. All he has to say on the subject is: "More of that later!"

He’s also remaining tight-lipped about the agency’s first clients

He straightforwardly told Event: "We’re not releasing details of clients just yet." But he added: "We have some great clients and we want to really show them what we can do and what this means for their businesses."

Jackson will be known as director of ideas and innovation at the agency 

On the subject, he explains: "I’ve always been an ideas person - they seem to tumble out of me in volume if not always quality. For a client though, when you buy experiences you’re buying ideas and new ways of thinking.

"This needs to be the driving force of The Experience is the Marketing, and I have end responsibility for it." 

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