Exploring 'tech tribes' at Mobile World Congress
A view from Mark Jackson

Exploring 'tech tribes' at Mobile World Congress

From the chief technology catalyst, EMEA, for McCann Worldgroup: As services and customization proliferate, consumers will seek out tech brand ecosystems that suit them best

BARCELONA — Day 2 of Mobile World Congress: Beyond the show floor, big players are making interesting announcements that promise big changes. Samsung talked about its Galaxy S6 as well as the company’s partnership with MasterCard to provide a branded service called SamsungPay. Google discussed becoming a wireless carrier, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg returned to pressure the network providers with the thesis that data should be provided for free.

In yesterday’s post, my colleague Patrick Rona talked about how, in the race to provide better connectivity, brands can leverage the next wave of connected consumers via the "Experience Economy."

These announcements make it clear that big companies also see a need for experience through services, but as it comes to fruition one interesting trend is forming. As services and customization proliferate, many believe that more of us will find it necessary to align under a new version of "tech tribes," where our experience is better within a particular tech brand ecosystem than out. Also, in its recent mobile Internet report Ericsson suggested that in any given country, two-thirds of all mobile Internet is consumed through only five apps (although these five vary from country to country).

This begs the question for marketers as we leverage the Experience Economy: Should we understand our consumers’ tech tribes to find new channels of communication?

Mark Jackson is chief technology catalyst, EMEA, McCann Worldgroup.