Express calls review of pounds 20m media work

Express Newspapers has put its media account up for review and

invited three agencies to pitch for the pounds 20 million business,

which has been held by CIA since 1989.

Stan Myerson, the group joint managing director of Express Newspapers,

said the Daily Express intends to double its advertising budget to

pounds 20 million, following tests in the LWT region with a heavyweight

TV campaign.

'We only promoted in the LWT region last Saturday night which saw an 8

per cent increase in circulation in the LWT area, while elsewhere sales

were down 6 per cent. That proves quite clearly that TV does work,' he


CIA has been invited to pitch alongside OMD UK and MediaCom next


Myerson added that it was not yet clear whether the media account would

remain centralised, or whether the Daily Star would be split from the

Express titles and handled by a separate media agency.

Commenting on the reason for reviewing, Myerson said: 'We are new into

the business and don't have any preconceptions about what we should be

doing. It will be interesting to see what the three agencies can


Myerson added that there would be no creative review at present, and

that the advertising would remain in-house.