Fab "Where there's Fab, there's fun" by Isobel

Fab is rolling out a campaign to celebrate the ice cream brand's 50th anniversary.

Three posters have been created for the activity, which suggest that no matter how dangerous or perilous a situation you might find yourself in, if you’re eating a Fab, you’ll be having fun.

"Quicksand" shows a couple unconcerned to find themselves trapped and sinking into quicksand – they do, after all, have a Fab to eat first before they have to worry about any of that.

"Sharks" features a man stuck in the middle of an ocean on a sinking fishing boat, surrounded by sharks. And "Cannibals" shows a man on a tropical island, tied up and roasting on a spit.

The campaign runs across out-of-home, digital, social and point-of-sale.