Facebook and fry tickling: Behind the scenes at McDonald's social World Cup

Marketing took a peek behind the doors at Facebook's creative studio to find out how the team hand-crafted McDonald's 'Fry Futbol' films using the fast food chain's packaging.

A typical night on the Fry Futbol set would involve the producer/directors arriving at around 5pm to watch the match and make notes, before coming up with an idea for the final 15- to 30-second film.

The crew would arrive at 11pm and by 11.30pm the idea would be storyboarded and sent off for approval to McDonalds, FIFA and the legal team.

Rob Newlan, head of Facebook Creative Shop: "We shoot for about 3-4 hours with a full crew here including on set people who can move each of the fries. We have a 'fry tickling team' to make sure we can get full movement in the crowd.

"We've got the pupeteers and hand artists who are controlling the fires on set and really we add the craft by a 3-4 person art department who are making sure they're adding character and fun and being able to bring individuality to each of those films."

The films are live-edited from a suite just off-set, and the final videos are sent off for sign off at 6.30am.