How Facebook helped Sigrid top the charts

Scandinavian singer Sigrid's album soars with In Stream and Stories ads - making it Facebook and Campaign's pick of the month

How Facebook helped Sigrid top the charts

Sigrid is a singer and songwriter from Norway. Her catchy pop songs Don’t Kill My Vibe and Strangers have made their way into the top 10 in the UK Singles Chart in recent years – and she recently released a new single Don’t Feel Like Crying and a debut album with Island Records.

Island Records wanted to maximise the success of the new releases. It wanted to build awareness of Sigrid with mainstream audiences and drive traffic to her music on streaming and sales platforms – and worked with Facebook and Instagram to make it happen.

What did they do?
Island Records wanted to reach men and women under 35 with Sigrid’s catchy pop song and partnered Facebook to come up with the right strategy. They used Facebook and Instagram sound-on ad platforms – Stories and In-Stream – along with a broader news feed campaign.

They worked together to create mobile-first text graphics in vertical format to come up with something that stood out – and something that really captured Sigrid’s artistic style.

They created high impact, colourful edits – around 15 seconds in length – with Sigrid dancing along to one of her tracks, each containing snippets of text highlighting song lyrics and calls to action.

Perfect mobile mix
Island Records and Facebook’s Creative Shop worked together closely to build a media plan that made use of every placement on every platform using multiple creative assets. They used audience insights to plan activity based on the different times of day people watch an Instagram Story vs. browse their feed or view Facebook Watch.

They also used Facebook-owned social monitoring tool CrowdTangle to track and optimise campaign performance throughout. 

Standout stats

• Incredible awareness levels: 42.5pt ad recall lift and 21.7pt brand awareness lift
• Achieved 83% sound-on completed views

Faye Williams, senior digital marketing manager, Island Records UK
"Stories, and its features, have allowed our artists to authentically express how they feel, express their interests and engage fans in their day-to-day activities, without them feeling too precious about the quality of the content. This has bridged a huge gap and has allowed fans to emotionally connect with artists on another level. The vertical format also gives way for our creative teams to explore new opportunities and ideas when creating video content for our artists."

Jeremy Lee, contributing editor, Campaign
"Sigrid’s Don’t Feel Like Crying is a refreshingly upbeat take on breaking up. She won’t need to feel like shedding any tears after seeing the results of this campaign either, judging by the spectacular ad recall results it generated. The Facebook suite of products was perfect for Island Records to launch this single. Other music advertisers would be wise to sit up and take note."

Vanessa Bakewell, client partner, entertainment UK, Facebook
"By working very closely with Island Records to understand Sigrid as an artist, we were able to advise on many creative ways to use the Facebook family of apps innovatively, across organic and paid placements. Great to see end-to-end best practice and creative excellence overall."