Facebook opens art gallery for dogs

Event was devised by Facebook Watch.

Facebook opens art gallery for dogs

Facebook has thrown open the doors to its "National 'paw-trait' gallery", a three-day exhibition in London designed for canines. 

The event aims to promote a newly launched series and competition on Facebook Watch, the social media network's video-on-demand service. The World's Most Amazing Dog series encourages dog owners to send in a video of their pet at its most entertaining, with the Facebook community tasked with voting for an overall winner. 

Portraits at the gallery are hung at both human and dog eye level and commemorate famous, inspirational and talented dogs from around the globe, including Laika, the first dog sent into space, Lassie and the Queen’s corgis. 

Visitors can also enjoy an interactive space, where they can capture videos of their dogs to submit as part of the competition. 

The exhibition is taking place from 7 to 9 February at Protein in Shoreditch, London, and was created with Hope & Glory PR.