Facebook and Twitter boost awareness for (Red)

LONDON - Aids charity (Red) generated around one million interactions during its tie-in with Facebook and Twitter for World Aids Day on Tuesday.

Facebook enabled members to change the colour of their profile page to red while Twitter allowed people to change the colour of their tweets by entering #red along with the text.

According to (Red) its Facebook fan membership doubled in size to around 380,000 as a result of the day's activity. Additionally 60,000 members added red to their profiles and 25,000 shared a (Red) promotional video.

On Twitter 500,000 people added the hashtag #red to their messages including Barack Obama and celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Davina McCall and Paris Hilton.

Google.com featured a World Aids Day ribbon, linking through to various charities connected with fighting the disease.

Additionally Nike tied in with (Red) to launch a brand of red football laces. All the profits from the product will be donated to the charity.