Facebook's LinkedIn rival goes live with test partners

A select number of businesses are now testing Facebook for Business, a special platform for use within the work environment.

Facebook: unveils its LinkedIn rival, Facebook at Work
Facebook: unveils its LinkedIn rival, Facebook at Work

The Facebook at Work platform has been touted as a potential rival to LinkedIn, as the service has been built to let colleagues communicate about work-related topics in a work-safe environment.

News of Facebook at Work first leaked last year but Facebook has now confirmed details of the service.

The app is now available within the Apple App Store and Android store but use of it is limited to a select number of trial partners, the names of which are not being disclosed as yet.

According to Facebook, the experience sits entirely separate to a person’s normal Facebook profile, meaning any data or information is not shared between the two.

The functionality of the two, however, are relatively similar. Facebook for work includes the ability to message as well as Facebook-specific features such as news feed, groups and events.

According to a Facebook spokeswoman, the social network trialled the platform as a business internally before opening the trial to partners. Facebook hasn't confirmed whether the platform will run ads but if it does, it it likely to put Facebook in further competition with LinkedIn's ad business.

The trial will run with select partners before being reviewed for a wider release.