Faces to Watch 2020: Ads Dechaud and Phil Le Brun

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Faces to Watch 2020: Ads Dechaud and Phil Le Brun

Creatives, Wonderhood Studios

Ads and Phil haven’t been in this industry long but what they have already achieved makes their faces well worth watching. They co-wrote Comic Relief’s “Wise words”, one of Campaign’s best TV ads of 2019 and won Wonderhood’s first D&AD Pencil. They were also involved in two more of Campaign’s best ads of 2019: Nike’s “93” campaign and Karma Cola’s “Good drinks for bad adults” ad. In 2020 they launched Starling Bank’s first brand campaign resulting in more app downloads than other challenger banks. They were an integral part of the crack team that won the Three business this year. Their other projects also got noticed. Their meme, which put Theresa May in a Boots ad, was viewed 250,000 times overnight and their “Tabloid health warnings” work was picked up by Gina Martin, Matt Haig and other mental health advocates. Ads and Phil’s combination of talent, hunger and nose for popular culture make them valuable creatives, who would give any team a run for its money.

Nominated by: Aidan McClure, founder and chief creative officer, Wonderhood Studios